Complete automatic filling lines

INDEX-6® produces high-technological; professional equipment for automatic filling of liquid and viscous products: cosmetics, wellness, home and industrial chemicals. The machines are designed according to the characteristics of the products (such as surfactants) which influence on the filling process as foaming, different viscosity, viscosity-temperature characteristics, abrasive and corrosive resistant properties. Special patented filling valves with their own technology help the precise process.

The filling lines could be with machines from the IND-Dose 41 and IND-Dose 43F series with filling without contact as for floor and windows cleaners, and industrial chemicals such as motor oils, radiator fluids, brake fluids and other. Optimal solutions are also the weight filling bloc systems from the Pragmatic series (46PO; 49 Weight Tech in combination with the chosen type of cap).The special features of the geometry of the package determines the leading filling and capping modules.

The complete filling lines are integrated with labeling machines for self-adhesive labels, hot-melt labels or thermo-shrinkable (sleeve) labels, machines from the IND-Lab series.
At the end of the filling lines we offer our machines for group packing in shrinkable film (IND-Pack 29) or for grouping in cardboard boxes (IND-Pack 24), and various configurations of palletizing systems from IND-Pallet 23PL series. The advantages of the complete filling lines are in the increasing of the efficiency and elimination of the manual labor, very good appearance of the product and precise multi-packs and pallets.