Filling of detergents

Filling of detergents – liquid and viscous detergents, fabric softeners and others.

The machines for filling of detergents are consistent with the peculiarities of the organic and synthetic surfactants (anionic, cationic and non-ionic) that have foaming and different viscosity properties, which affect the speed of filling. Another factor is the variety of packages which also influence the filling process. After exploring all special features, INDEX-6® uses its special filling valve for fluids, consistent with the requirements for speed and stability of the jet in order to avoid foaming of the product and to keep the capacity of production. We have full control over the speed of the jet and the debit of the fluid flow while precise dosing with possibility easy to clean the valves when changing products.

For foaming products we offer linear volumetric and flowmertic machine from the IND-Dose 41 and IND-Dose 43F series where we use filling without contact with filling nozzles completely sunk below the level of the product and constantly moving upward during filling, following the specific container form.